Roof Cleaning

As roof cleaning and coating specialists in the South West region of Wales, our Swansea business has recently been accredited as the Registered Installers of the SmartSeal range of products. This means that we are able to enhance out first class service, with a quality product range that is ideally suited to maintain and protect the properties within our target market of South Wales and West from Neath to Narberth, Llanelli to Llandeilo, Pontardawe to Pembroke.

Many of our clients often express concern when they see roof tiles discoloured and covered in moss or black micro lichens, believing that they will have to invest in replacing the whole lot, inorder to secure the safety of their dwelling space underneath. This however is not the case and often the roof can be returned to its former glory with our cleaning and restoration service.

We firstly treat the surface with SmartSeal moss remover, which will kill the unsightly patches and safely remove all types of green growth. As a result of this the next stage of pressure washing is far less time consuming and it also reduces the need for high impact jet washing, which could damage the tiles.

Inorder to prevent regrowth it is now essential to seal and coat the area. As a registered installer of SmartSeal, this process is covered by a 10 Year guarantee against peeling, flaking or blistering. This really is a vital part of the process and will ensure that your roof has a barrier to moss, mould and algae spores, which can so quickly take hold once again, if no defense is put in place.

Finally, if you really want to aesthetically transform the look of your roof, then it is also possible to apply a roof coating that will not only provide extra protection from UV lights together with waterproof properties but will also allow you to colour the tiles too. SmartSeal Climashield™ roof coating is now available in any one of the following shades : slate grey, terracotta, deep tan, rustic red, burgundy and slate green, allowing you to completely change the look of your property or to enhance the original colour, so that it really does look as good as new – if not better !.

(The use of scaffolding may be necessary in some cases where the height, angle or shape of the roof requires additional safety measures, to be in place)

colour chart for the roof coating colours
colour chart for the roof coating colours