Fascias & Guttering

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Some people don’t realise how important it is to keep their plastic (fascias and gutters) clean. The dirtier it gets and the longer it stays dirty, the more likely it is to stain, and stay stained.

It is important to clean leaves, moss and general debris out of gutters because if allowed to accumulate, downpipes become blocked, damaging the gutters and downpipes and causing overflows damage to walls. An unfortunate number of gutters are mounted at incorrect angles so silt and debris builds up rather than going down downpipes, which if left can cause untold damage:

bring the gutters down,
water overflows,
rots nails holding fixings up,
rots wooden fascia boards (most plastic boards over wooden originals)
rust marks down walls /plastic
these are unsightly and impossible to clean.
If cleared out properly you may only need it done every 2 or 3 years.

We will clear out your gutters – more important to clear than clean, to avoid expensive replacing…

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