Block Paving Cleaning, Re-sanding and Sealing

When properly laid and in very good condition, a block-paved drive or patio makes for a very smart exterior surface, which will compliment any home.image001
However, as the blocks are quite porous and the sand-filled joints are obviously the same, it’s also a surface which requires regular maintenance; otherwise it will look very dirty, often with weeds and moss growing in those joints.

Block Paving manufacturers recommend the surface isn’t pressure washed regularly. This is because the blocks are laid on a bed of sand, with sanded joints and therefore the sub-base can be destabilised over time if water is pumped in on a regular basis.

Our solution is to clean the blocks properly once, sweep new kiln-dried sand into the joints and seal the area with two coats of Smartseal Block Paving Sealer.

The procedure is as follows:SMARTSEAL-SEALER-LAYOUT2

  • Pre-treatment with Smartseal Moss Clear is an option for areas with large amounts of moss on the surface and in the joints. In addition, a weed killer can be applied if there is a large quantity of weeds growing in the joints.
  • The area is then cleaned in a two-fold process, utilising our powerful professional pressure washer.
  • It is cleaned with a large rotary headed pressure washer to clean the surface of the blocks. Then the vital stage that is often missed by some professionals and many people who do DIY;  we deep clean the area by using a high-powered lance to blast most of the muck and sand out of the joints to a depth of 10 – 15mm.
  • The area is then left for 3-5 days to completely dry out.
  • The next stages all take place on the same day: new kiln-dried sand is swept into the joints and two coats of Smartseal Block Paving Sealer are applied, leaving 1 – 2 hours between coats as drying time.

Once this process has been done, it will usually leave your driveway or patio looking as good as new, or very close to it.

We are based and work in Swansea and surrounding areas, including Llanelli, Port Talbot, Neath, The Mumbles and surrounding areas.

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Imprinted Concrete

Imprinted Concrete is a popular choice for driveways and patio’s because it is very hard-wearing. Its chief advantages over block paving are

that there are no sand-filled joints for weeds to grow in and because the concrete is all one piece, there are no individual blocks to move around

and become un-seated.

Once Imprinted Concrete has been laid, the final part of the installation process is that the surface is sealed with a solvent-based sealer which

gives protection to the concrete and means it retains its colour for longer.

The sealer doesn’t last forever! Imprinted Concrete requires two coats of good quality sealant for best results and once the concrete has had

that, a top-up coat is necessary every 3 – 5 years. This will keep most concrete surfaces looking like new.

Our restoration process is:

  • Pressure wash the area thoroughly using our professional cleaning equipment
  • After the area has completely dried, any cracks larger than hairline can be filled with a Crack Repair Compound
  • Usually, two coats of Smartseal Imprinted Concrete Sealer are all it takes to restore the surface to looking ‘like new’ again. If we think it necessary, a colour tint can be added to the sealer to restore the colour closer to its original level, although using a colour tint if it’s not required can be counter-productive.
  • A worthwhile and low cost extra service we offer is the addition of an anti-slip additive to the top coat of sealant. Imprinted Concrete can be slippery when wet and this provides extra grip to the soles of footwear, whilst remaining invisible to the naked eye.

Our tried and tested imprinted concrete repair method, which has been used all over Swansea, Llanelli, Port Talbot, Neath, The Mumbles

and surrounding areas, is designed to leave your Imprinted Concrete looking close to how it did when freshly laid.

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